About Us

Established in 2008 and set on the rugged jurassic coastline of North Devon, Glass ReFORM is a company committed to its environment. We are proud to offer a cleaner, more modern alternative to the UK's remaining glass industry and since the first bottle was collected, washed and reformed, Glass ReFORM has gone from strength to strength to become the UK's No.1 glass company specialising in hand crafted recycled and upcycled glassware.

Since our inception, Glass ReFORM has developed a fresh, environmentally considered approach throughout the business. Having both the awareness, together with an abundance of glassmaking skill at our disposal, the company prides itself on the unique, handcrafted nature of its recycled and upcycled products.
The fundamental ethos of Glass ReFORM is to make the recycling of a used glass bottle as environmentally friendly as possible - to transform glass that's destined for landfill into desirable, contemporary glassware products with value, a design edge and purposeful eco-logic.

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Eco Friendly

"Glass sent to landfill will take over a million years to decompose"

New 'life' can be given to any old or used glass container, the only restriction is imagination.
Our mission is to simply use what we have already available around us and produce a product that is stylish, suitable as tableware with function and gives value.

Hand Crafted

"Each family in the UK use approximately 500 glass bottles and jars annually"

Heat, sweat, skill and passion are united to create our glasses. Combining new and old techniques, we transform what once was discarded into everyday useable products.




"Glass ReFORM delivers on every level for our business. We have been a trade customer for the last two years. The company staff are always helpful, informative and efficient. Our own customers are always fascinated by the upcycling skills used to handcraft used bottles. The products make great personal and interesting gifts."
Sue Woodward - Vintage York
"Not so much recycling as reinvention. These glasses are a real pleasure to use and the outstanding customer service from this artisan company is an added bonus."
Gabriel Scally
"Hi guys, I have just purchased and received my BEAUTIFUL WiBo goblets! I am absolutely in love with them. I'm supposed to be keeping them for 'best' but we can't stop using them! They just feel so perfect and they ARE so perfect for all drinks."
Sarah Donegan
"Glass ReFORM have a unique range that compliments not only our tables and food here at Lathwells, but also our belief in using and promoting local suppliers. This innovative glassware provides a freshness and individuality to its surroundings. We support and promote Glass ReFORM for their enthusiasm and charming approach to recycling."
John Emms - Lathwells Restaurant, Bideford, Devon