"Glass is a truly magnificent material. It can be recycled over and over with no loss of quality and if disposed of in landfill will
never decompose. Recycling glass saves the need tor quarrying sand, preventing further damage to our countryside."

Meet the team

Matthew Persson

Matthew has over 20 years experience in the glass manufacturing industry. He is a multi-award winning glass designer who has designed ranges for some of Britain's top high street stores. Learning his skills from his father; Lars Persson - a talented Swedish glassmaker, Matthew is extremely focused, outstandingly creative and is committed in the pursuit to establish Glass ReFORM as the UK's leading producer of innovative recycled glassware products.

Helen Sing

With many years experience in Sales, Marketing & Retail, having worked for Dartington Crystal since the age of 17.  Helen provides a wealth of knowledge, experience and keeps her man in order!

Charley Persson

Charley is the newest member of the team and although only 3 she is an asset to the business and a great help! (apologies if you ever find Peppa Pig within your order!)